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Accurately Measure Distance, Scout Conditions, And Find Balls
With The Eagle Golf Group “Pocket Caddy!”

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A Portable Caddy
That’s Never Wrong

Any golfer realizes it’s vital to know the exact yardage to the pin – or even to the fairway.

Without that vital information, under-reaching and over-reaching in your golf game is bound to happen… and you’ll easily add 5 – 10 strokes to every round you play.

With the Eagle Golf Group Pocket Caddy, however, you’ll get instant and accurate feedback on exactly how far you are from the pin – to the closest yard.

That means you can always choose the correct club for the situation and instantly know whether it’s better to jump over a hazard or hold back.

You’ll get more shots on the fairway or on the green. And you’ll stun your buddies (and win more bets than ever before) by turning bogies into birdies.

Plus, since the Pocket Caddy is 100% tournament legal, you can conveniently access it any time you want, on any course in the world, without penalty. And since it fits into any regular-sized golf bag and weighs just 6 ounces, there’s never a reason to be without it.

Get Instant, Accurate Feedback On
Distance From The Pin…
In All Conditions

With a 650 yard range, the Pocket caddy can give you readings accurate to the closest yard on even the largest par 5. And with a 6x optical zoom and manual focus ring, you’ll always get a crystal-clear picture (even if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be.)

(That’s right – the Pocket Caddy can even double as binoculars to help you see exactly where your ball landed!)

Of course, even accurate distance measuring is pointless if you can’t find the pin. Thankfully, with FlagFind technology, the PocketCaddy can quickly lock on to the pin, even in a crowded scene.

And if you’re not in the USA but one of our neighbors in Canada, Australia, or Europe, no problem – the Pocket Caddy can easily switch from yards to meters with the press of a button, allowing you to forget the mental calculations and allowing you to simply have fun playing great golf.

Streamlined Design Makes
Pocket Caddy Easy To Use

In our opinion, there’s nothing more frustrating than when technology is too clever for its own good. That’s why we’ve removed unnecessary buttons and functions from the Pocket Caddy, leaving only the best of the best.

We guarantee that even if you’ve never used a device like this in your life, in just a few moments (whether or not you read the included Quick Start guide), you’ll intuitively know how to get the information you need for your perfect golf game.

That’s because the Pocket Caddy requires no calibration or setup – it’s all done in our production facility. Simply open the box, put in some batteries, and you’re ready to use it to get accurate distances and play better golf.

And with just two buttons, it’s quick and intuitive to figure out exactly how to best use the Pocket Caddy in your golf game – even if you’ve never used a rangefinder in your life.

Solid, Weather-Resistant Construction,
Built To Last In Rugged Conditions

Despite our prayers to the Golf Gods, not every day is as sunny and beautiful as we hope. Rain and fog hits every golfer from time to time, and it pays to be prepared.

Fortunately, with the Pocket Caddy’s IPS54 construction, you can safely use it in rain and fog without it missing a beat. Drop it, and its tough construction and scratch-resistant lens will prevent it from being destroyed (which is more than we can say for other range finders that cost twice as much.)

And while other range finders struggle with fog or rain, the Pocket Caddy’s built-in Fog Mode allows you to get a precise measurement of distance, even during inclement weather – just another reason you’ll be able to turn bogeys into birdies (and take money from the rest of your foursome with a smile on your face.)

What People Are Saying About
The Eagle Golf Pocket Caddy

Does the job for pin seeking on the golf course. Fits in the hand nicely. Locks into the pin quickly. As clear (if not clearer) than the high end $300 - $400 ones. Price is right.
This product is absolutely fantastic! It’s extremely accurate and easy-to-use. I actually checked to make sure that the distance it was projecting was 100% accurate and I’m pleasantly surprised.
I took it out for a round of golf just yesterday and the product was very easy to use. Plus it comes in a easy to hold black weatherproof case. It surpassed my expectations.
It returned accurate results. I even tested it against my buddies’ (twice as expensive) Bushnell and it was spot on!
It was really easy to use. Just fire it up, point and hold down the button and the reading came back quickly.
I love how clear everything looked through the viewfinder and was surprised at the magnification power on it. Flags are easy to spot and the product was helpful in identifying other obstacles too far to see clearly on my own.
It looks even better in person than it does online!

Every Eagle Golf Pocket Caddy
Is Backed By Our Money-Back Guarantee…

At Eagle Golf, we stand behind all our products with a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

If your Pocket Caddy arrives damaged in any way, simply let us know and send it back at any time within 30 days and we’ll either refund or replace it – whatever you decide.

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Just $199.99 , 129.99 $79.99

HURRY - Only 7 3 2 remaining!

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