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“This system was instrumental to me
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– Jeff “The Freak” Gavin,
456-yard RE/MAX Long Drive Champion

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Dear fellow golfer,

The secrets I’m about to share with you are not common knowledge for the average golfer.

In fact, even most instructors and coaches will never hear about these little-known swing speed secrets…

But they work.

So well, in fact, long drive Champion Jeff Gavin credits them to being “instrumental” to winning the 2014 REIMAX Long Drive Champion title with an incredible 456-yard bomber.

But it’s not just long drive champs like Jeff who swear by these secrets…

Look at any PGA tour player – especially seniors like John Daly and Ernie Els – and you’ll see tell-tale “giveaways” they’re using these secrets to smack 300-yard drives even though they’re past their prime (and, if we’re being honest, carrying a few extra pounds.)

Even retired hobbyists and “weekend warriors” are using this swing speed system to wallop drives an average of 250, 270, or even 285+ yards.

And that’s not just raw distance, either…

We’re talking laser-guided, straight-as-an-arrow drives that gently deposit the ball just feet from the pin, leaving you an easy chip and putt to a birdie on most holes.

The kind of effortless explosiveness that has leaves your buddies’ jaws agape as you hit yet another cannon shot that sails majestically over trees and water hazards to land perfectly in the middle of the green…

And has them grumbling as they fork over (yet another) crisp $20 bill after an ill-advised bet.

In fact…

These Swing Speed Secrets Are So Powerful,
I’ve Had Folks Beg Me To Keep Them To Myself…

And I guess I can’t blame them.

Because frankly, having a swing with the torque and power of a ’71 Boss Mustang can be intoxicating…

Especially when you’re the only guy on the course who can do it.

Every time you step up to the tee, you see the rest of your foursome clam up and nudge each other, knowing you’re going to fire off another rocket shot that lands squarely in the middle of the fairway.

They try to hide it and act casual…

But you can tell that on the inside, they’re more excited than youngsters being shown a hunting rifle for the first time.

As you draw your club back, you feel perfect balance and alignment in every inch of your body. Your club feels light as a feather, your feet are solidly planted, and you feel the power coiling in your body, ready to be unleashed into the ball.

With a thought, the club sails forward, acting as an extension of your body. It strikes the ball squarely in the sweet spot, making a resounding “crack” that has your buddies instinctively (and sheepishly) ducking their heads like someone’s firing a warning shot overhead.

The ball leaps forward off the tee like the Devil himself is chasing it, flying through the air in defiance of gravity, and landing just 50 feet shy of the hole.


From there, it’s a simple pitch and one-putt to a birdie… and another bet won.

As you put the crisp $20 bills in your wallet, the rest of your foursome ask you, yet again, how you do it…

But you just smile and change the subject. You’ll take this secret to your grave, and I can’t blame you.

But despite many of my students pleading with me…

I Can No Longer Allow
This Swing-Speed Secret
To Remain Insider Knowledge

Don’t panic, though…

Because very few senior golfers are enterprising enough to seek out this knowledge, like you have.

They would prefer to listen to “mainstream” magazines, shop pros, and internet videos…

Even though it’s that very advice that’s kept them from becoming a truly exceptional golfer.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but sadly, the golf industry does NOT have your best interests in mind.

In fact, they WANT you to keep struggling…

Because they think it’ll keep you hungry for the courses, equipment, and instruction weekends they pump out and push you to buy.

But if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re too savvy to keep falling for the same old lines.

After all, if what they taught worked, you wouldn’t be here right now.

You’d be out on the golf course, smacking balls with the effortless, explosive power you’ve seen from the occasional fellow senior golfer, but have never managed to perfect yourself.

“Maybe it’s me,” you tell yourself…

“Maybe I’m just too old, out of shape, and past my prime.”

It’s certainly what the owners of the various golf publications and websites want you to believe, in the hopes you’ll put more of your hard-earned cash into their pockets.

But the truth is…

No Matter How Old Or Out Of Shape You Are,
You Can Still Develop A Swing
Faster Than Any Man In His 20s…

Of course, if you just step onto the links and try and “out muscle” a younger opponent, like most senior golfers do, your results probably won’t be anything to write home about.

Instead, you need to focus on what great golfers like John Daly, Sam Snead, and Ben Hogan instinctively knew about golf…

Technique trumps raw power every time.

It’s why John Daly, weighing in at 250 lbs at only 6’0 (with a gut to match), is able to consistently slam 300+ yard drives in his 60’s…

Why Ernie Els is able to out-drive younger, stronger, and more flexible opponents on tour, even though he’s almost 50…

And why pro golfers don’t waste their time on performance-enhancing steroids or lifting heavy weights in the gym.

They know that…

It’s Flawless Technique, NOT Raw Power,
That’s The Key To A Lightning-Fast Swing…

Which means it’s senior golfers, with their superior experience, patience, and wisdom, who are best-suited to develop a swing so fast, the club head looks like a blur to the naked eye.

In fact, I’d bet dollars to donuts the only reason you haven’t done it yet is you haven’t had the right system to guide you.

What you need is a swing system that leverages the laws of physics and biomechanics to do all the hard work for you…

Allowing you to whack 275+ yard bombers day in, day out, without expending a single ounce of effort.

That’s where Alex Fortey comes in.

Alex is an elite-level golf instructor who is the “secret weapon” behind some of the top-performing PGA players, PGA instructors, and long drive champions in golf today.

With a swing speed of over 120 miles per hour, and a drive of 300 yards on a bad day, Alex is one of the golf world’s fastest-swinging, longest-driving players you’ve never heard of.

But it’s not just Alex’s lightning-fast swing that makes him uniquely qualified to teach senior golfers how to create a smooth-as-butter swing with perfect tempo and unerring consistency…

He’s also spent years on the front lines of the golf world researching everything about biomechanics, equipment, technique, and much more.

He’s broken down the swings of the top performers in golf (in many cases, going so far as to get exclusive one-on-one time with some of the greatest players alive…)

And ruthlessly kept detailed notes on precisely which approaches yield big results for senior golfers.

The result?

Hundreds Of Senior Golfers Ecstatic
At Their New-Found Swing Speed…

“Without Alex’s instruction, I may never have developed the frankly insane swing speed and consistency that allowed me to drive a 456-yard bomber at a recent long-drive tournament. If you have a chance to learn from this guy, and you pass it up, I can only assume you’re not interested in becoming a better golfer.”

- Jeff “The Freak” Gavin (Long Drive Champion)


“Took a look at the videos the other day. Spent some time practicing the techniques this morning. I’m getting 20 yards more distance on every swing and a lot more consistency, so I’d estimate I’ve added about 5 miles an hour or so. I’m excited to see what happens when I practice even more!”

- David Fuller, TX


“All I can say is I have never struck the ball as solidly time after time with all my different clubs.

It sure is fun seeing the look on people’s faces when the “old coot” slams the ball down the fairway, too. And I haven’t paid for a drink at the clubhouse since I got this system!

- Charlie Thomas


“I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. But since I only bought it two days ago and I’ve already cut about 5 strokes off my scorecard over 18 holes, I suppose it’s time to eat crow. Driving distance has increased, but I’m also hitting the ball a lot straighter – and I’m not killing myself to do it!”

- Edward, NY


Now you’ve seen what they’ve accomplished, you might be wondering…

What Will Your Golf Swing Look Like
Once You’re Using This Swing Speed System?

Let’s say you watch the videos once, take a few practice swings, and add a modest five miles an hour to your swing speed.

It doesn’t sound like much, but that’s still 10 – 15 yards of effortless distance to every swing with just a few minutes of practice.

Suddenly, those “just out of reach” greens suddenly are within range, allowing you to neatly drop the ball just a few feet from the hole every time.

But pay a little more attention to this system and carve out an hour to practice, and it’s not uncommon to see 10 – or even 15 – miles an hour of extra swing speed…

Perhaps even more if your current swing is on the slow side of average.

That means you’ll be seeing an extra 20, 40, or even 70 yards of consistent-as-clockwork distance with every drive…

Your scorecard will plummet as you slam bombers off of every tee, landing you squarely in the fairway and allowing you to get to the green of a par 5 in just two effortless swings…

And your newfound ability to win bets mean loud mouthed punks and foursome partners alike become your personal walking piggy banks full of $20 bills.

Hell, study this method seriously, and there’s no reason you can’t join many other senior golfers (and early adopters of this program) in getting a triple-digit swing speed…

Averaging you 275 yards off the tee – or more – in the next 10 days!

If this sounds like the kind of weapon you want in your golf arsenal, then it’s my pleasure to introduce…

The Pro Tour Swing Speed System!

(The ONLY Swing Speed System
Developed By Professional Golf Instructors
For Golfers In Their 50s, 60s, and Beyond!)

Here’s What You’ll Discover In
The Pro Tour Swing Speed Instructional System…

Plus, every copy of the Pro Tour Swing Speed system is…

Backed By Our 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked,
“A Better Swing Or Its Free” Guarantee

As you’ve seen, golfers over 50 love the distance, control, and consistency the Pro Tour Swing Speed gives them…

And I think you’ll love it too.

But no matter how good this program is, or how wonderful the results golfers get, there’s going to be someone out there who just doesn’t like it.

And there’s a very unlikely chance you could be that someone.


Of course, I don’t want to let a thousand-to-one chance of disappointment get in the way of you playing the best golf of your life…

So I want to  make you an offer that takes all the risk away from you and puts it squarely on my shoulders:

Try the Pro Tour Swing Speed method out, risk-free, for a full 60 days. Watch the videos. Try it out in your swing and in your game.

If at any time during that 60 days you’re not bombing drives, winning bets, and playing the absolute best golf of your life, then just call our toll-free phone number or send an email to and let us know.

I’ll give you back every cent you paid…

AND I’ll let you keep Pro Tour Swing Speed as my way of saying “thanks for giving it a try!”

Now, Here’s Your Next Step…

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Remember, the Pro Tour Swing Speed system…

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P.S. This is the ONLY swing designed from the ground up for senior golfers. If you want a powerful, reliable, and accurate swing that leaves you feeling pain-free at the end of 18 holes, you really can’t do better than this.

And since you have a full 60 risk-free days to decide whether this program is for you or not, I think you’d be crazy to pass up this opportunity.

ESPECIALLY since this is a strictly limited time offer. The next time you see this page, there’s a good chance we will have raised the price significantly.

Don’t put up with anything less than reaching your full potential of straight-as-an-arrow drives that almost knock the cover off the ball.

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