How To Hit “The Sweet Spot” Every Time…
With Every Club In Your Bag!

Callaway Staff Pro And 48-time champion Bobby Luzzi reveals how to add strain-free distance, accuracy, and consistency to your golf game…

Without strain, pain, or injury.

Read this page (and watch the video) carefully for more information…

Dear fellow golfer,

None of us are getting any younger.

Every day our joints are slightly stiffer…

Our flexibility is a little less that we’d like…

And the “glory days” of smacking the ball 250, 280, or even 300 yards off the tee are long gone.

But that doesn’t stop most of us from trying, does it?

Every opportunity, we head down to the range, pull the driver out of the bag, and do our darn best to put the fear of God into that golf ball.

We work on our tempo. We try and eke out every bit of distance we can.

Some of us even are so dedicated, we go back to the gym routine we had in college to try and get some of that rock-solid muscle we had back in our youth.

But it’s all for nothing, isn’t it?

No matter how hard we push ourselves, we end up exhausted, frustrated, and in many cases, seriously injured.

If you’re anything like me, this is around the time you’re saying to yourself…

“There Has To Be A Better Way!”

And you’re right.

After all, golf isn’t a sport of raw power.

It’s a quietly dignified game filled with incredible feats of finesse and technique.

It’s a sport in which a person past their physical prime can compete against – and soundly defeat – a bigger, stronger opponent…

All by using their instincts, intelligence, and carefully honed technical skills.

Any true golfer knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Take almost any other sport in the world – such as boxing, football, or basketball – and you’ll notice a mere handful of athletes past 35…

Let alone those in their fifties or beyond.

But the history of golf is filled with the stories of players who did their best work AFTER they hit the big 5-0 milestone.

Like Lee Trevino, who won a whopping 29 tournaments after the age of 50.

Or Jack Nicklaus, the “Golden Bear’, who took home first place in a whopping 25% of the tournaments he played in as a senior.

Or even Gary Player, who won a startling 19 championships in his golden years.

Now, you know as well as I do there are few men alive, at any age, who could step up to the tee box and stand toe to toe with these golf giants.

I’d wager even modern-day legends like Brooks Koepka or Dustin Johnson would think twice about taking one of these “old timers” up on a bet…

Despite being younger, more flexible, and having a faster swing speed than any of these golf legends.

Which begs the question…

Why are these “over the hill” golfers able to continue to play at a level that keeps opponents in their physical prime wary of ever making a bet with them?

It’s got nothing to do with their flexibility, strength, or raw distance.

It’s because…

These Golf Legends Can Hit The Sweet Spot Every Time
(And Soon, You’ll Be Able To Do It Too…)

You see, being able to reliably and consistent strike the sweet spot of the golf ball is, in many golfers’ opinion, the single greatest skill you can have in your tool belt.

After all, when you can hit the sweet spot every time…

The golf ball flies exactly where you picture it in your mind’s eye, landing squarely on the fairway or just feet from the whole, while your buddies are grumbling as they play theirs from the deep rough or bunkers…
Your confidence on the links is so high, and your control over the ball so solid, you can play in any conditions, in any lie, and still wipe the smug grins off your buddies’ faces, as yet another ball lands in the perfect position for yet another birdie…
And your swing is so smooth and effortless, you’re able to translate every bit of kinetic energy in your swing into distance, adding yards to every club in your bag – even if you’re lacking flexibility, strength, or clubhead speed.

Frankly, by mastering the sweet spot, you’ll avoid the trap too many golfers fall into…

The Big Swing.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before. Hell, you might have even done it a few times yourself (I know I’m guilty…)

You step up to the tee, square up, and bring to bear the mightiest backswing you think you can get away with.

Every muscle in your body activates at full force to send the club hurtling forward. Mid-way through your swing, you feel a sharp stabbing sensation in your shoulder – but mentally push it down, knowing you’re willing to sacrifice some comfort for a 250-yard power drive…

Only to have the ball sail wickedly off-center, landing in the deep rough – and far closer to the tee than you expect.

That’s because…

Hitting The Dead Center Of The Sweet Spot
Has Been Scientificially Proven To Be
The Key To Long, Accurate Drives…

In 1998, Golf Digest did a study into how much off-center shots affect distance.

Given a 100-mile-an-hour swing in all cases, hitting the sweet spot perfectly would yield a 258-yard drive.

But every quarter-inch off the sweet spot would lose golfers approximately 8 yards of distance.

In other words, being a half-inch off the sweet spot would result in approximately 15 yards of lost distance. A full inch, over 30 yards of distance…

And that’s not even counting how much consistency and accuracy is lost by missing the sweet spot, even by the tiniest bit.

Want more proof?

Take a look at these two photos from an article by Jaacob Bowden, of Swingman Golf…

Tour Player



    1. One is a tour-player-level golfer. Note how the sweet spot has been struck perfectly every time, creating a uniform mark in the dead center of the clubface.
    2. Now, notice how while somewhat consistent, the second player has less accuracy with their swing.

The first player is a tour-level golfer. The second, however, has a 10 handicap.

Yes, you read that correctly.

A whopping 10 extra strokes, every round, just from a slight variation on his swing.

I think by now, we can all agree…

Consistently And Reliably Hitting The Sweet Spot Every Time
Is The Difference Between Great Golf And Frustration…

And I know which side of the equation most golfers want to be on.

It’s why I enlisted the help of Bobby Luzzi, 68-time champion, Callaway Staff Professional, and the “secret weapon” of thousands of great golfers, from weekend warriors to PGA Pros.

In his 34 years of professional playing and one-on-one teaching, Bobby has participated in more than 600 professionally-sanctioned golf tournaments, on five tours.

He’s a certified Master Instructor, Club Fitter, and creator of the iZone golf training aid glasses, in which he has partnered with Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks on Shark Tank.

And perhaps most importantly, being a senior golfer himself, Bobby has a unique insight into the needs of the senior golfer.

In other words, he has first-hand experience on exactly how to create a smooth, effortless swing with perfect tempo that will send the ball sailing exactly where you want it, every time.

On top of that, his wide range of experience as an instructor has allowed him to create a system anyone can use to improve consistency, add distance, and hit the sweet spot every time.

Here’s Just A Sample Of The Praise
Bobby’s Instruction Has Received…

Needless to say, when I heard about Bobby, I knew he was the perfect person to teach senior golfers how to hit smoother, longer, and injury free drives.

That’s why we worked together to develop…

The Sweet Spot Series
(The Only Instructional Series That Helps You
Play Better Golf, With Less Effort)


Inside, Bobby Luzzi has broken down some of the most important keys to a smooth, consistent swing…

Using principles and techniques he’s picked up from literally thousands of hours of one-on-one instruction.

Shot in 4k ultra-high-definition, on location at the beautiful Kiskiack Golf Club in VA, Bobby has cut out all the fluff and given you everything you need to start hitting more consistently and accurately in approximately 45 minutes of video.

With instant access to all material in our exclusive online members-only portal, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively start using the material covered in The Sweet Spot series to create a smoother swing, more effortless distance, and better consistency.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In
Sweet Spot Series System…

Sam Snead's "grip secret" for bigger, smoother, and more accurate drives. (This one alone could change the way you think of driving off the tee forever…)
Exactly where the “sweet spot” is on every club in your bag. HINT: For 98% of golfers out there, it’s not where you think…
Ernie El's “swing arc” technique that he credits for his impressive swing distance, and how you can start using it in your own game…
How to gain incredible control over your ball’s flight path, all just by changing the direction of the palm of your hand…
The "death knell” of a consistent, powerful drive… why most golfers do it unconsciously, even when they know better… and how you can banish it from your game once and for all…
The PGA Pro secret to effective practice. Use this, and I guarantee you’ll start shaving strokes off your game – even if you’ve been “stuck” at the same handicap for years…

You’ll Also Discover…

The "tee drill" to grease the groove of your swing and make it incredibly consistent. Do this once a week, and your buddies’ jaws will drop in amazement every time you step up to the tee box…
The common (yet incredibly damaging) mistake most golfers make with hybrids, and the instant fix that will add 5, 10, or even 20 yards to every swing you make with them…
How to play perfectly when faced with a hill or obstacle directly in front of you. Yes, there is an easy fix for this “golfer’s nightmare…” and if you’re anything like most golfers, it’ll blow your mind…
The secret the Greek philosopher Archimedes discovered that will help you play better from sand traps… And ensure you get the maximum amount of distance when you’re in the sand…
Topping the ball when you’re using your woods? This simple setup trick will fix it instantly, dropping your scorecard – and your handicap – overnight…
How to recover from a shot into the trees. HINT: You do NOT want to do what the majority of golfers do – that only makes the problem worse…

And We’re Still Not Done,
Because You’ll Also Learn…

The easy pregame warmup (developed by a high-level chiropractor and former D1 athlete) that will reduce or eliminate pain during and even after your golf rounds. Skip it at your own risk…
The best club for most golfers to use for chipping. It’s an unusual choice, but the vast majority of golfers who adopt it report lower scores, better accuracy, and more bets won…
Sick of “double hitting” when you’re pitching or chipping? This simple fix will allow you to have better control of the ball on approach, making it easier than ever to get those “gimme” putts we’re all looking for…
The simple "putting test" that will tell you if you're part of the 86% of golfers who are putting "off center” – and the easy fix that will straighten out your green game and get you more one-putts than ever before…
The two-balls-at-once putting trick that will reveal if you're heel or toe-heavy on your putter, and how you can use this to increase your accuracy on the greens...

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Of course, I don’t want to let a thousand-to-one chance of disappointment get in the way of you playing the best golf of your life…

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